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We at ABFM believe God’s Word.  He says that if we believe, whatsoever we ask in His will, we shall receive.  To this end, we believe and act on His command to pray, one for another.  Therefore, we embrace the opportunity to pray for you.  If you have a prayer request for which you want our intercessors to stand in the gap on your behalf, please forward your request to our attention via email.  Complete the following form and submit it.  Be assured that your petitions which are in the will of God shall be placed before our Father in the Name of His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, with an expectation of full manifestation.

Access By Faith Ministry (ABFM) 
Forest Park Plaza
7600 W Roosevelt Road
Lower Level, Suite 50
Forest Park, IL 60130

Phone: (708) 320-8239​